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Quality is our guarantee. We offer exceptional service and take the time to understand your priorities in order to serve you best. We take pride in our work and it reflects in our results. Our testimonials speak for themselves, and we ensure each car receives the proper time and care required for service.

Top Tier Technology

Going above and beyond is in our DNA. We offer the highest standards in dent repair and have restored countless vehicles back to pristine condition. Whether your vehicle has suffered third-party damage or damage from hail or rock chips, we can assist.

Highest Rated Shop in Colorado

Our reputation as Colorado’s distinguished car reconditioning service is no surprise. Our expertise and years of experience in outer vehicle care/ modification is unparalleled by the competition, we are the leader and our customers know it.

20+ Years of Experience

Speak to our experts today to find out more about our services and how we can help you restore your vehicle back to pristine showroom condition. Call us for a transparent, honest discussion regarding the best option for your vehicle needs, we are here to help

Craftsmanship Guarenteed

We take pride in our work and back it up with our warranty. 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed and is a testament to the quality we provide. There are no shortcuts to our success and we reflect this in our work ethic and results. Each service we provide has a custom warranty policy.

Are you looking for a Parker PDR shop that will restore your vehicle back to its original condition?

Our top priority is your satisfaction. Our same day service ensures that your vehicle will be back in your possession as quickly as possible.

Our clear bra paint protection film, also known as a clear shield, can be applied to provide a further level of protection once we have completed your paint-less dent repair. This state-of-the-art technology provides a virtually invisible shield that protects your paintwork without compromising the appearance of the original paint finish. Suitable for areas such as fenders, hoods, mirrors, bumpers and wheel arcs, clear bra is a very sensible investment.

Service & Repair

Clear Bra/Paint Protection

PPF is made from thermoplastic urethane and is used to protect the exterior of vehicles from stone chips, bug splatters, and small abrasions. Auto Image 360 uses the best PPF products on the market. We have access to a wide array of pre-cut patterns that can fit any modern vehicle’s hood, fender, mirrors, and bumper. Applying the paint protection film can take as little as 3 hours. So, you’ll get your ride back before the day is done. Our experienced team ensures that the film is expertly applied. Feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is our most valuable and beneficial detailing service for almost any vehicle. Paint correction is a labor intensive, multiple step process of removing surface scratches, contamination and imperfections within the vehicle’s paintwork. This involves the use of machine polishers and top of the line products. This is achieved by removing unsightly swirl marks, greatly improving deep scratches or defects and bringing out a clarity that brings the shine, gloss and reflections of the paint to a whole new level. Fully corrected paintwork will shine brilliantly and produce stunning reflections, as there are no longer any imperfections to scatter and reflect the light rays.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

PDR is a time efficient strategy for repairing car dents without damaging your car’s factory finish. Our highly skilled technicians at Auto Image 360 use state-of-the-art lights, tools, and techniques to carefully massage the dents out of your vehicle. The integrity of your vehicle remains intact and the dents will never return.

The PDR procedure used at Auto Image 360 costs significantly less than most dent repairs done at traditional body shops. Our same-day service will allow you to get your vehicle back within business hours. That is something that traditional body shops cannot guarantee. Come into our offices today and see your dents disappear. Your car will return to its original factory appearance.

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wrapping originally began as a way to advertise on vehicles. It has now evolved into a way to change your vehicle’s color without having to apply paint. At Auto Image 360 we use state-of-the-art equipment to provide a seamless vinyl cover to your vehicle. Regardless of the purpose of your vinyl wrap, our team of experts ensures that you are satisfied with the final result. We only use quality films(3M 1080 and Avery Supreme).

Professional Window Tinting

Tinting affords you the opportunity to have a cooler and more comfortable car ride. Auto Image 360 uses computer cut window tinting to produce more accurate custom tints in the shortest possible time. Our window tinting shades are measured using visible light transmission (VLT). The lower the vlt percentage is,the better quality film.
Our computerized process allows you to get a sleek finish free of bubble and swirls. Not only will your car look good, but you will be able to reap the benefits of enhanced UV protection and reduce your heat and glare exposure. Call us for a consultation today and choose one of our customized tinting options that best suits your needs.

Auto Body Repair

We have over 20 years of mastery in premier auto body collision repair, providing consistently high-quality and affordable auto body repair work to the Denver, Parker, and Centennial areas in Colorado. We are your auto collision repair center. At AutoImage 360 we work directly with you, as well as your insurance company, and our customers appreciate our high quality work, personalized service and fast vehicle repair turnaround. Our goal is to restore your damaged vehicle to its pristine pre-accident condition.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

  • Dents can occur out of the blue for a variety of reasons. The most important thing is that you get them fixed fast before they can cause further damage or decrease your vehicle’s value. We offer PDR throughout the region and have restored countless vehicles back to pristine condition.
  •   Paint-less dent repair from Auto Image 360 offers the highest standard in restoration in the quickest possible time. We can also help you to protect your vehicle’s value and your paintwork from further damage with our clear bra system. Speak to our experts today to find out more about our services and how we can help you restore your vehicle back to pristine showroom condition.