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Even the smallest dent can spoil the otherwise immaculate finish of your vehicle. Paintless dent repair from Auto Image 360, or PDR as it is also known, has been the savior of many car owners looking to restore their vehicles back to the original factory finish. We offer the highest standards in dent repair and have restored countless vehicles back to pristine condition. Whether your vehicle has suffered third-party damage or damage from hail or rock chips, we can assist.

While a dent may look superficial, if not repaired it could result in further degradation of your vehicle’s paintwork. Your paintwork offers so much more than an aesthetically pleasing finish and acts to protect your vehicle from both the elements and, even more importantly, from corrosion. By arranging prompt paintless dent repair, you can prevent any further damage and protect your investment for many years to come.


Are you looking for a parker PDR shop that will restore your vehicle back to its original condition? Our top priority is your satisfaction. Our same day service ensures that your vehicle will be back in your possession as quickly as possible.

Our clear bra paint protection film, also known as a clear shield, can be applied to provide a further level of protection once we have completed your paintless dent repair. This state-of-the-art technology provides a virtually invisible shield that protects your paintwork without compromising the appearance of the original paint finish. Suitable for areas such as fenders, hoods, mirrors, bumpers and wheel arcs, clear bra is a very sensible investment.

Parker PDR | Paintless Dent Repair | Hail Damage Repair | Clear Bra






Parker PDR | Paintless Dent Repair | Hail Damage Repair | Clear Bra







Dents can occur out of the blue for a variety of reasons. The most important thing is that you get them fixed fast before they can cause further damage or decrease your vehicle’s value. We offer PDR throughout the region and have restored countless vehicles back to pristine condition.

Paintless dent repair from Auto Image 360 offers the highest standard in restoration in the quickest possible time. We can also help you to protect your vehicle’s value and your paintwork from further damage with our clear bra system. Speak to our experts today to find out more about our services and how we can help you restore your vehicle back to pristine showroom condition.

Auto Image 360 proudly works with all insurance company including these companies; Liberty Mutual, SafeCo. USAA, State Farm, and Geico

Know Your Rights

After a hailstorm, choice of repair shops is the most important decision. Your car is one of the second largest investment you’re likely to make after buying a house. Assure your family’s safety and preserve the value of your investment by having it repaired correctly. Sometimes, vehicle owners don’t understand they play an important role in selecting the most qualified shop in the repair process. As a result, they can fall victim to incorrect information, confusing claims processes and, sometimes, just plain wrong advice.

Do I have the right to choose the shop that will repair my car?

Absolutely. There are no laws, rules or regulations requiring that you must have your vehicle repaired at the “cheapest” shop or one “preferred” by the insurance company because of a special relationship it may have with these shops. You should select a repair facility based on their skill, service, knowledge, reputation and guarantee of their workmanship.

Do I need to get two or three estimates?

No. Notify the insurance company responsible because their adjuster may need to inspect the damage to your vehicle. If your car is safe to drive and the insurance company has a drive-in claims service, you should call them for an appointment and take your car in for an inspection.

Go to your appointment and make sure you obtain a copy of the insurance adjuster’s estimate. Then, take the estimate and your vehicle to the shop of your choice. If you are unable to take your vehicle to the drive-in claims center, you can leave your car at our shop and notify the insurance company to inspect the car at our location.

Some insurance agents may tell you to “get two or three estimates.” However, you should talk to the insurance claims office first. Generally claims are handled by insurance claims departments, not agents. Differences in repair estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include parts and services necessary to assure a long-lasting repair. If you choose to obtain estimates, but you are unable to tell the difference between them, we are glad to answer your questions. We’ll show you the difference in black and white and explain how it relates to the repair quality. Do not get an estimate from a shop you would not want to repair your vehicle.

No, because we work for you our clients. Meaning we do not give insurance companies discount on repairs. What the means for you as our client is that we repair your vehicle to factory specification and do not cut corners. Therefore, giving you the best repair possible.

An example of why we are not a direct repair shop.