Say Bye to Those Unsightly Nicks on Your Car with Clear Bra

Auto Image 360 Clear Bra Centennial

When dealing with the nicks and scratches on your car’s body paint, the ingenious solution lies in the form of a clear bra Centennial technicians install. A modern solution for car owners, clear bra protective film acts as an invisible shield to keep your car looking brand new for as long as possible. It’s like a bodyguard for your car’s paint, safeguarding it from road debris, chips, minor abrasions and much more.


Unlike other finishes, clear bra doesn’t compromise the aesthetics of your car! So you can bid farewell to those unsightly marks and embrace a sleek, flawless look for your precious wheels.


Clear bra solutions use an ultra-thin thermoplastic urethane film, referred to by its common name due to its transparent nature. It is strategically applied by experts to the vulnerable areas of your car, such as the front bumper, hood, fenders, and mirrors, essentially creating an additional layer of protection as well as hiding any scratches and marks that you wouldn’t want to display. Its exceptional durability ensures that it can withstand the harsh elements of the road without yellowing or cracking over time.


Furthermore, it’s relatively easy to maintain and can be removed without leaving any residue or damage to your car’s original paint. For car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike, this innovative technology offers peace of mind, preserving the pristine condition of your vehicle and saving you the hassle and expense of frequent touch-ups and repaints.